dentist mistakesTooth ache, yellowing, dentures, it’s not an attractive prospect. But despite the fact we all want strong and healthy teeth, we’re not always brilliant at looking after them. Dentist Pauline Lamant, who works for Your Smile Direct, has put together a list of the biggest mistakes we make with regards to oral hygiene.

How many are you guilty of?

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Artificial Intelligence and Other Tech Innovations Are Transforming Dentistry

dental tech improvingIf you’re like the majority of humans on the planet, going to the dentist isn’t on the top of your list of things to do for fun. But with artificial intelligence (AI) and new tech and innovative design, it might start to be a bit more intriguing. AI might not be able to do the actual brushing and flossing for you (yet), but it will certainly change your experience the next time you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair.

From analysing X-rays to documenting the results of your visit, artificial intelligence will be relied upon to make your dental appointment more efficient and to enhance your care.

Dentem created a platform that integrates machine learning APIs, including the ability to auto-populate tooth charting. It offers dental practices software services that synchronize appointments across all platforms and maintains all patients’ records electronically. They currently offer Dx Vision that uses machine learning to assess dental images for areas of concern and soon will offer D Assistant, a virtual assistant that will respond to a dentist’s voice commands.

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Charcoal toothpaste is worse for your teeth, not better

charcoal toothpaste worseIn recent years, toothpastes that contain activated charcoal have become commonplace in drugstores. Their labels reassure potential customers that they’re “eco-friendly,” “herbal,” “natural,” or “pure.” All of these words, which are meaningless in a scientific context, help justify their cost of up to $25.45 (£20) for a single tube.

However, the scientific literature on charcoal toothpastes concludes that they’re likely worse for oral hygiene—and definitely not worth the sticker price.

Earlier this month in the British Dental Journal, researchers from the University of Manchester Dental School and King’s College London published a review (paywall) of charcoal toothpastes’ efficacy. Their work follows a 2017 review of charcoal toothpastes by the American Dental Association, which called for (paywall) more scientific studies on the efficacy of such products.

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7 Flossing Products So You Don’t Skip This Dental Hygiene Step

flossing productsSo you brush twice a day, use the newest toothpaste that hits the market, gargle after every meal and yet your dental problems won’t leave you at peace? Then it’s possibly because you’re not flossing. Often skipped until it’s time to visit the dentist, flossing removes plaque and stray food particles from between your teeth which in turn, reduces the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and more. Reason enough to start flossing again, for which you can choose from these 7 dental floss products.

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