Our Fees

You will be provided with a written treatment plan following examination with our dentists outlining all treatment and any costs involved. All insurance schemes are welcome and 0% finance is available on request. Please see below for a small selection of our treatments.

Dental Examination
  • New Patient Dental Examination: £95.00 (for patients visiting our clinic for a dental examination for the first time)
  • Dental Examination: £82.00 (for subsequent routine dental examinations)

 Protect your smile from oral health issues before they become a problem and give yourself the best chance for a lifetime of excellent wellness for your mouth and entire body. Contact us to schedule your exam.

Emergency Appointments
  • £145.00 – For patients not registered with us OR if you have not attended for a dental or dental hygienist appointment at our clinic in the past 12 months.
  • £130.00 – For existing patients i.e. if you have attended for a dental or dental hygienist appointment at our clinic in the past 12 months.
The fee paid for emergency appointments includes: Consultation, x-rays, diagnosis, temporary fillings, re-cementation of crowns or bridges, antibiotics (only if required)
We will do what we can in our allotted time of 30 minutes however please be aware that should you need additional treatment to the above noted, we may need additional longer appointment(s) on another day with more time allocated to complete any proposed treatment.
You will be quoted for further treatment charges depending on your treatment needs
Crowns, Bridges & Onlays
  • Crowns, bridges & onlays: from £845.00 per unit.

Ceramic, porcelain or gold crowns, bridges & onlays are carefully placed with the appearance and function of your smile in mind. Results are so natural that you may forget there was ever the need for dental work to begin with.

Restoring Teeth
  • From £180.00 per tooth
    (cost depends on the size & complexity of restorations and time needed to complete restorations)

Composite restorations (White, amalgam free fillings made from composite resins and ceramic) will replace failing amalgam fillings to re-invigorate and improve the strength and durability of your teeth. Matching the exact tooth colour to give you back your most natural smile.

Composite Bonding
  • From £180.00 per tooth
    (cost depends on the size & complexity of restorations and time needed to complete restorations)
Chipped, cracked or stained teeth can be transformed through composite bonding. After carefully matching the colour to your natural tooth we expertly sculpt acrylic resin into the exact shape needed to complete your smile makeover.
Root Canal Treatment
  • Root canal treatment: from £600 per tooth.
Root canal treatment is used to save a problem tooth and prevent further damage or infection. Our comfortable procedure will restore your tooth to its natural shape and function so you can look and feel your best.
  • Tooth extractions: from £195.00.
Teeth Whitening
  • £395.00 Boutique Professional Home Whitening
  • £450.00 Zoom! In-Office Whitening (2 hour in-surgery whitening procedure)
  • £645.00 Combination Offer: Zoom! In-Office Whitening & Philips Zoom Take Home Patient Whitening Kit (2 whitening syringes)
Dulling and staining of teeth is a natural ageing process. We can reverse this process giving you a smile up to eight shades whiter and brighter. After the initial consultation we offer a whitening technique which you can easily use at home.
Ceramic & Porcelain Veneers
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Veneers: From £845.00
There’s no need to put up with tooth blemishes that keep you from smiling with full confidence. We craft thin shells of ceramic or porcelain to bond onto the front of your teeth to restore them to their original lustre. Our outstanding ceramic or porcelain veneers are extremely durable and virtually stain free, providing you with a long term solution that looks completely natural.
Dental Implants
  • Single tooth replacement: Treatment from £2700.

Fully inclusive for implant and crown and all visits required excluding bone grafting (if needed)

  • Partial Acrylic Dentures: from £450
  • Partial Chrome Dentures: £1200.00
  • Full Acrylic Dentures: from £800 per arch (upper or lower)
  • Full Acrylic Dentures: from £1,500 (upper and lower arches)
Teeth Straightening
  • Smilelign assessment for Clear Aligners including fabrication of prealigners: £150
  • Assessment for ClearCorrect Clear Aligners: £150.00
  • Cosmetic tooth alignment with clear fixed or removable braces/clear aligners. Treatment: between £2500-£4500 – This is dependent on the number of aligners needed.
  • Conscious intravenous sedation: £320 per hour
Dental Hygiene
  • Standard 30-minute appointment with our outstanding team: £75.00
  • For standard dental hygiene appointment including Guided Biofilm Therapy (also known as Airflow or Airpolish): £89.00

Whilst some dental clinics offer reduced appointment times, if you are a new patient at our clinic on Portland Road in Hove, your first appointment will be extended to last 45 minutes, but you will still be charged at the regular price. This is to allow our hygienist to sufficiently address any issues, and give you the best opportunity to get to know our team.

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