The Smilelign System

Clear Aligners for Fast & Effective Tooth Straightening

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners have become the preferred alternative because they offer patients a less invasive and more discrete tooth straightening option.

Clear braces work by gently pushing and re-positioning teeth to improve aesthetics and comfort. They also come with the added benefit of being removable, which is an important consideration for many patients. Clear braces are particularly popular with the younger generation, as they alleviate any aesthetic anxieties or stigmas that are commonly attached to traditional braces.

What is Smilelign?

Smilelign is one of the most advanced teeth straightening solutions in the dental industry. Smilelign integrates the latest software and 3D CADCAM technology to design and produce a series of clear aligners that help straighten your teeth. The process is simple and painless, patients’ mouths are scanned using our 3D digital scanner, which then analyses the treatment requirements. Once the analysis process has finished, you will be told the number of aligners you will require.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces come with several benefits and are rapidly growing in popularity. We have detailed the main features and benefits of two of the most popular options in the dental industry.
One of the major benefits that comes with Smilelign is how easy it makes oral analysis for clinicians. Its 3D scanner is able to identify any misalignment, no matter how slight and then create aligners based on each patient’s individual requirements. Clinicians then use the data from the 3D scanner to give recommendations to the patients. Aligners are only created once a bespoke treatment plan has been agreed between the dental practitioner and patient.

Typically, the process takes anywhere between 10 to 15 days, depending on the patient’s individual requirements and the number of aligners required.

The video below details the treatment planning process.

Are Clear Braces Better than Metal Braces?

No brace is ‘better’ than the other. For example, someone who requires complex alignment may be a better candidate for fixed braces than clear braces. This is because fixed braces are known to offer a higher degree of control regarding teeth straightening. Clear braces, by comparison, may be better suited to patients who only require minor dental intervention. However, you will be able to speak with your dentist or orthodontist about this in detail during your consultation.

How Smilelign Works

Can Anyone Get Smilelign?

Smilelign is available to almost all patients. There are scenarios where Smilelign may not be as effective as traditional braces, but this is something you can discuss with Dr Dimitri Mantazis during your consultation. For example, patients may find that traditional fixed braces are a more appropriate alternative if their case is complex (they suffer with several crooked or misaligned teeth).

Smilelign is a very popular and effective option for several patients. Our team will devise a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your preferences and requirements. Dr Dimitri and his expert team will support you every step of the way through your treatment, ensuring you understand every detail of your bespoke treatment plan and how it has been designed to benefit you.


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