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Our amazing team offers incredible value teeth cleaning services at our high-tech clinic, which is conveniently located in the Brighton and Hove area. Having your teeth professionally cleaned will give you better oral hygiene and a much lower risk of oral health problems like tooth decay. Regular cleaning of hard-to-reach plaque and tartar can also help prevent gum disease.

When you choose to use our expert dentists for your professional teeth cleaning in Brighton you will get to take advantage of a few benefits:

  • Affordable prices: Finding cost effective teeth cleaning in Brighton is a challenge. However, we offer extremely competitive rates on all of our work, as well as flexible finance options. There is no need to compromise on oral health because of the price.
  • Safe, comfortable treatments: If you are nervous about the prospect of teeth cleaning we can offer specialist treatments for nervous patients. Options include dental sedation, which is safe and can make the process a bit more comfortable.
  • Top results: Although regular treatments are recommended, we provide professional services that will have an instant impact. We can help to remove surface stains and provide a lasting boost to oral health. You will also receive helpful dental care tips.
Teeth cleaning is a form of preventive medicine, which means it can help to prevent disease. We are a leading dental practice in East Sussex and offer a wide range of services at our wonderful clinic. Feel free to get in touch with us today and book an appointment.
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How Does Professional Teeth Cleaning Work?

We pride ourselves on being different from other dental clinics, so you can expect a friendly and warm welcome once you arrive. If you are a nervous patient we will take the time to make sure you are comfortable.

Once you are ready, one of our team will show you into the treatment room where a dentist will carry out:

  1. A check on the mouth: Some good news is that professional teeth cleaning will give you a chance for a check-up, too. We will take a quick look at the entire mouth, paying close attention to the teeth and gums, to make sure there are no issues before we begin.
  2. Scaling: Using a small tool called a scaler, the dentist will scrape off the tartar and plaque that you cannot remove by brushing alone. Scaling can feel a little bit weird and might feel a bit sore if it is your first cleaning, but it is usually painless.
  3. Floss: A professional flossing will get right between every tooth from the very front to the very back. Flossing by yourself is excellent, but a dentist can more easily make sure they get into every nook and cranny, which is difficult to do on your own.
  4. Polishing: Now that all the buildup is off of your teeth, you will move onto the polishing stage, which uses a small tool with a flavoured polish on your teeth – similar to an electric toothbrush. Polishing the teeth can tickle slightly, but it is painless.
  5. Rinse: Finally, with your teeth completely clean, you can rinse the flavoured polish from your mouth and finish the cleaning. You will feel the difference immediately and it can be surprising how smooth they feel.
After scaling and polishing you may rest assured that your teeth will be completely clean, but you should continue your normal oral care routine. Your dentist may recommend specific toothpastes or offer other oral care tips, depending on how your teeth are looking.
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Why Should I Get My Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

Our team of dentists are highly qualified and experienced, so you are much more likely to get the best results. Apart from an exceptionally professional tooth cleaning in Brighton, you will also get the following extra benefits:

  • Teeth whitening: When you go for teeth cleaning regularly you will find the results help increase the whiteness of your teeth. 
  • Prevention of bleeding gums: There is a lower risk of bleeding gums when the gum line is scaled and you remove all the plaque and tartar you cannot reach by brushing.
  • Prevention of cavities: Because a professional can reach the areas of your mouth that you cannot do alone, you have much greater protection from cavities.
  • More confidence: With regular visits, your smile will brighten and you can feel the confidence boost that comes with having perfectly healthy, nice-looking teeth.

Tooth cleaning also means you can prevent potentially serious issues such as infection, which can lead to tooth loss and spread to other areas of the body. Most importantly, professional teeth cleaning will give you peace of mind about your oral health.

Book an Appointment for Professional Teeth Cleaning in Brighton

Teeth cleaning is an essential part of oral care, and you will get a long-lasting result from a top professional when you come to us. We also offer competitive teeth cleaning prices. You can book an appointment at our clinic, which is conveniently located in the Brighton and Hove area. 

Professional tooth cleaning is the perfect accompaniment to your normal hygiene regimen. Keeping up good habits and returning for future cleaning will have an increasing impact and boost your oral health. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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