With more adults and teens in the UK searching for the perfect method of obtaining straighter teeth, transparent and removable braces are on the rise in terms of popularity. These braces offer an appealing new option to those looking for treatment, but feel embarrassed or uneasy at the thought of having traditional metal or ceramic braces fitted, owing to the fact that these types are more noticeable.

Clear and removable braces offer a myriad of benefits to patients who would like to try them, ranging from their discreet and non-invasive nature, to their swift removal and easy-to-clean design. Imagine having a practical set of braces that you can remove when you brush your teeth, making it quicker and more comfortable, or that you can wear without hiding your full grin whenever your photo is taken. These may be some of the little points in life that might otherwise be missed, but don’t they sound easier and more inviting when thought about and planned for?

If you have been searching for a set of braces that can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams, all while staying as unobtrusive as possible in the meantime, contact us today. We can discuss the most suitable treatments for you in the comfort of our clean and quiet practice, whether you are attempting to correct an issue with crowded teeth or now have room for the teeth to move after a previously-scheduled removal process.

Transparent and Removable Braces We Provide

Here at Hove Dental Clinic, we are more than happy to offer our patients two types of clear and removable brace (as opposed to our fixed brace options), each of which are available with flexible finance options.


These near-invisible braces can also be known as discreet or clear braces. 

How Much Do These Braces Cost? 

Alignment treatment using Cfast™ braces will start from £2,000.

What are Cfast™ Braces Like?

Based on a blend of both traditional, stainless steel metal braces and modern, clear plastic, Cfast™ offers you the best of both worlds at a price you can afford. These braces target both the top and bottom rows of your teeth, using wires that are filtered through (tooth-coloured) plastic brackets, which have been bonded onto the front of your teeth. This allows them to gently pull on and align your teeth with minimal discomfort, allowing only the tooth movement required to straighten your smile so it remains just as you want it.

How Fast Will the Treatment Work?

Cfast™ is an incredible treatment in terms of speed, as it is able to treat a variety of issues with crowding teeth and alignment in as little as six months. 

Quick, discreet and with an effective result that has remade smiles up and down the country, Cfast™ is an excellent choice to consider for your own treatment.


As completely transparent braces, these can also be known as invisible braces, discreet braces, clear aligners or plastic aligners.

How Much are These Removable Braces?

In private clinics, you may expect to pay somewhere between £2,500 and £4,000 for these braces. 

Prices will differ if you choose to have this carried out with the NHS, whether you are searching for tooth extraction processes and post-treatment cosmetic alignment, or correcting naturally crowded teeth.

What is Smilelign?

Smilelign is often considered an affordable alternative to Invisalign, without any compromise on quality. As such, you may expect that these clear braces will offer you the same benefits as Invisalign. They also work in a very similar way, in that they use a set of clear aligners to gently guide teeth into their new positions. 

Much like if you were to wear a retainer, these aligners are removable, although they should only be removed for certain activities. For instance, if you are intending to eat, drink, or brush your teeth, as well as if you are planning on exercising (including swimming), playing contact sports (a mouthguard should be worn instead), or about to play a wind instrument. You should use the time that you are cleaning your teeth to also clean and clear the brace, in order to promote the greatest levels of oral health. Otherwise, the braces are designed to sit comfortably in your mouth for 23 hours a day.

How Fast Will the Treatment Work?

How fast your Smilelign treatment will take to work all depends on the complexity of your issue and the amount of tooth movement required. In some cases, treatment may take as few as 12 weeks in order to be fully complete. However, completion for most cases will fall somewhere between six months to a year’s worth of treatment.

Smilelign can offer some truly fantastic results for your teeth, especially if you only require minor orthodontic intervention. To learn if this is the correct treatment option for you, contact our clinic today and speak with our principal dentist, Dr Dmitri Mantazis; he will be able to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

Are You Considering Braces? Book an Appointment Today

If you are considering any type of brace, from popular styles with proven results, to the latest in affordable alternatives to Invisalign, call or email our team at Hove Dental Clinic today. 

We will be happy to help you make the best decision for your dental health and assist in creating the smile you have always wanted. Our two exceptional clear and removable brace options may offer the perfect solution to this, as they cover both minor and complex issues. From crooked or crowded teeth which require alignment, to closing gaps which have been left once a tooth has been extracted, we are certain that we will be able to consult and provide you with the treatment you need to bring out your beam.

Once your consultation has been booked in, we will ensure that you continue to receive all the patient care you will need. To begin this, we will always be there to answer any questions you may have. No matter if you need to know how much a certain procedure will cost, or even if you wish to book another service that we provide, everything we do will be for your benefit, health and comfort.

All prices that we have used in this piece have been taken from updated and respected dental authorities in the UK.