Tooth fillings

Booking a Dentist Appointment at Hove Dental Clinic

Booking an appointment at Hove Dental Clinic is simple and straightforward. Simply call our helpdesk using the number above and describe the reason for your visit. If you are unable to call or would prefer to contact us via email or contact form, please explain your enquiry. 

Routine checkups are priced at £60.

Tooth fillings

Do I need to book a dentist appointment?

If you are struggling with tooth pain that does not alleviate after a few days, we would recommend contacting our clinic in Hove.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and our team will be able to provide expert advice over the phone or advise that you book a check-up appointment with our principal dentist.

When should you book a dentist appointment?

Tooth fillings

You should always visit your dentist once every six months for a routine checkup. This is to ensure our overall oral health is in good condition and there are no underlying symptoms that may cause problems further down the line.

If you have recently suffered an accident or trauma that has left your mouth, tooth or teeth damaged, you must seek immediate dental treatment. Even if you only suffer a minor crack in your tooth, if it is left untreated, bacteria and food can become trapped inside and this can increase the risk of infection. 

If the problem is left, it could lead to serious infection and may even lead to the tooth having to be removed if the infection reaches the pulp. Not only will this cause you serious discomfort, but the longer the problem remains, the most expensive the treatment may become. 

What to expect at your first dentist appointment

The first step to preparing for your routine examination is to allow yourself time during the day to attend the checkup. Most checkups take between 20 – 40  minutes. A paper cloth will be applied to your chest to ensure no spillage reaches your clothing and you may be asked to wear eye-shields (which are similar to sunglasses) to protect your eyes from the lamp. 

A hygienist will then begin using a series of tools to scrape off any presence of plaque and tartar on your teeth and along the gumline. While this is a relatively painless part of the treatment process, if you do experience any discomfort, let us know and we will take a short break.

Once the plaque and tartar has been removed, your hygienist will provide you with mouthwash to rinse away any remaining debris. Your teeth will then be polished using a gentle polishing brush. Rinsing will then occur again. 

In most cases, an X-ray will be taken once a year to identify any hidden problems, but this is something you can refuse if you desire. Your dentist will then assess the overall condition of your teeth, checking in-between teeth and along your gum line to ensure all are healthy. They will then use a tool to check for any problem areas in and around your teeth and gums, this tool is called a periodontal probe. Your hygienist will often record their findings on a chart to refer to later.

Once this has been completed, your dentist will explain how your oral health is looking and what changes or additional treatments need to be performed, if any.

If you require immediate or urgent dental treatment, we are able to provide emergency treatment. For more information on this, please visit our emergency dentist page or contact our team using the number above ro via our contact form

Dentist appointment for children

Booking your children’s dentist appointment

In some cases modern filling materials do not require tooth removal to repair the teeth, but If necessary, your dentist may numb the area to be treated, usually with injections of local anaesthetic.

Can you drink before a dentist appointment?

children and oral health

Yes, just be sure that you avoid fizzy drinks and drinks that may stain your teeth (such as coffee). Please also brush your teeth before visiting the dentist and do not eat for an hour beforehand to ensure no leftover food remains during your checkup. 

I’m nervous about my dentist appointment, is that normal?

Many people are nervous or feel anxious before visiting their dentist. In fact, 75% of people are thought to be scared of the dentist. However, our team at Hove Dental Clinic specialises in caring for nervous patients, we will walk you through the treatment step-by-step and are always on-hand for further support if any time you would like to take a break from your checkup or treatment.

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How much is a dentist appointment?

At Hove Dental Clinic, we specialise in providing patients with exceptional dental care.

A routine checkup at Hove Dental Clinic costs £60. For more information on our treatment prices, visit our private charges section.