At our practice, we believe that everybody should have access to the potentially life-changing impact that Invisalign braces, lingual braces, fixed braces and other forms of teeth straightening can offer. As a result, we are glad to offer many flexible financing options, which include fantastic interest-free monthly payment plans and options to reduce the impact of your braces’ total cost.

Ceramic or metal braces can have a big effect, but we offer many types of teeth straightening treatments. As a result, by choosing us for your braces or other types of dental care you can get access to the ideal treatment at a much more manageable cost. 

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How Much Do Braces Cost & What Are My Financing Options?

It is no secret that braces are quite expensive. Many cosmetic and restorative dental treatments will come with a significant cost burden, due to them being time-consuming, utilising often quite expensive equipment and taking considerable skill and experience to complete effectively.

The charges for braces at our advanced Brighton and Hove-based clinic include cosmetic tooth alignment with clear fixed or removable braces and clear aligners, with treatments starting from around £2,000. These are ideal for relatively minor adjustments and get to work very fast.

You can view our cost breakdowns for various treatments on our private charges page. We have two main financing options for all kinds of orthodontic treatment, Practice Plan and Denplan, each of them providing convenient monthly payment options for braces and other treatments.

The benefits of choosing either of these payment plans to get your braces on finance include the following:

  • Set payments: Every monthly brace payment is a set amount and will not adjust, due to them being interest-free, so you can plan to pay for treatments with peace of mind.
  • Plan-accredited dentists: Each plan has stringent criteria for the inclusion of a dental practice on the payments scheme, so you can be sure you are getting top-class care.
  • Inclusive of check-ups: With many options on the plans you can get regular dental check-ups included in your treatments, which provides fantastic value for money.
  • Dental health advice: By using any of our payment plans you can get free oral health information and advice to prevent potential dental issues down the line.
  • Emergency assistance: Some of our plans will also give you access to 24-hour support for any dental health issues while travelling, which can point to the nearest expert.

The plans we offer give you a flexible, affordable and hassle-free way to get braces and many other dental treatments. All charges are fair and transparent, and of course interest-free, so it is a much more sensible option for getting braces treatments than credit cards or a personal loan.

Exceptional dental care in the centre of Brighton & Hove

Located in the heart of Hove, we pride ourselves on our excellent level of service and our unparalleled attention to detail and exemplary staff who will ensure you get the very best dental care available. Our dental services are second to none and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Can You Get Braces Through Private Healthcare or Insurance?

Yes, many providers will offer teeth straightening. If you happen to be covered by dental insurance by one of these providers you may be able to get certain types of braces. However, treatment options may be limited by the terms of your policy and you will still have to pay for the treatment. There is no guarantee that the payment or finance options from private health insurance will be any more or less flexible, so you will have to speak to your provider to find out.

Train Track Braces

Can I Get Braces on Finance Through the NHS?

Fixed braces work best for growing teeth, which is why they are available from the NHS only for people who are under 18 years old. Whether your teeth are suited for this type of treatment will also depend on the decision of an NHS dentist, so there is no guarantee that you will fall into this category. Exceptions are sometimes made for cases where not getting your teeth straightened may cause psychological issues, such as after an accident, but these cases are quite rare.

Braces On Finance & Monthly Payment Plans at Hove Dental Clinic

At our advanced clinic we provide a wide range of treatments for teeth straightening and several options that are available for nervous patients. We can take all the worry out of your treatment when you use our options for braces on finance, which give you the types of braces you want.
Whether you want teeth whitening, braces or other forms of cosmetic dentistry you can make use of the monthly payment plans we have available in our practice. Please get in touch with us to find out about our finance plans and to book an appointment in the Brighton and Hove area.


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