a close-up of a young woman smiling with metal braces on her teeth

There are many types of braces, which can all help with improving the appearance of crooked teeth. Metal braces are a common dental treatment that uses a special kind of metal wire and bracket to keep the teeth in position. Many people pit metal braces vs ceramic braces, and while they achieve the same goal there are some key differences.

The variations between metal braces and ceramic types include the following:

  • Appearance: Metal and ceramic designs have quite different looks. Metal braces can be more striking than ceramic braces, which can be an issue for some people depending on their profession or personal levels of comfort.
  • Speed and maintenance: Metal wires make for stable teeth-straightening orthodontic treatments, which will usually mean metal braces will progress through the stages of treatment faster than when using ceramic material.
  • Price: Braces can cost a lot, depending on the type you select. The costs involved in different types of braces are a key part of getting the right treatment, metal brackets are generally less costly than ceramic brackets. 

When you have fixed braces fitted as part of an ongoing treatment plan your choice of metal or ceramic brackets is a key decision – and there are also clear bracket braces available, which are almost invisible until right up close. 

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What Are the Best Types of Braces?

The types of braces that are best for you will depend on your unique situation. It can be difficult to decide for yourself, but our professional team will help you to make the correct decision. In some cases, metal braces will be the best choice for their durability or price, but the decision will largely depend on your circumstances.

First off, it is wise for us to dispel a few common myths about metal braces:

  1. Metal braces will rust: The kind of metal braces normally use is a type of stainless steel, which is of a very high grade. All wires or steel brackets are non-corrosive and will never rust in your mouth.
  2. Metal braces will trigger metal detectors: Some people worry about their metal braces setting off metal detectors, but this will almost certainly not happen. Metal detectors are designed to detect other kinds of metal.
  3. Metal braces hurt: There can be some mild discomfort during dental treatments, and braces may cause soreness at some stages of treatment. However, metal braces do not hurt any more vs ceramic braces or other types.

In conclusion, there is no single ‘best’ type of braces. It is a decision that will take into account your entire situation, which will include the specific nature of your crooked teeth and the costs you can afford in both treatment time and money.

There are many types of brackets, fittings and braces materials to choose from – so you should always work with a dentist to determine the best option for your needs.

Should I Get Clear Bracket Braces?

a blonde woman smiling while wearing clear bracket braces on her teeth

Certain types of braces will go the extra mile to provide an almost invisible appearance, notably clear bracket braces. It is possible to get clear ceramic braces too. Several plastic aligners are also available under various brand names for people who wear braces, which have a clear appearance.

While clear bracket braces may be more appealing for their discreet look, remember the following:

  • Prices are higher, the cost of clear braces is much more than metal braces – and they will essentially achieve the same goal.
  • Many clear braces are self-ligating, which means they do not require tightening as much as metal braces. This convenience will reflect in the prices.
  • Friction and irritation can occur, plastic braces may cause some soreness and possibly a bad reaction in the mouth in some cases.

Popular clear braces and orthodontists treatments include Invisalign and Damon braces. If you do end up going for clear braces, the type of clear braces your dentist recommends can vary depending on your circumstances. If you want a clear appearance and have no cost concerns, clear braces may be a viable option.

Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces vs Clear Bracket Braces

There you have a rundown of the reasons why people make use of different types of braces. Metal braces are the cheapest and arguably most effective of the lot, but their appearance can be unattractive for some people – sometimes the expected period of treatment will influence what type of braces are the best choice for you.

We provide top-class traditional braces, clear braces and other teeth strengthening treatments that can help improve crooked teeth at a price to suit most budgets. You can work with our expert team in the Brighton and Hove area of the UK to find the right option for your needs. 
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