how many teeth do adults have

Keeping your teeth healthy is an important part of keeping yourself healthy in general, and this includes making sure your teeth have grown in properly and in the correct numbers. But how many teeth do adults have, once they have lost all their deciduous teeth (otherwise known as baby or milk teeth)?

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How many adult teeth do you have?

Most adults have 32 teeth, once all of their teeth have come in. This will most likely happen by the time a person has reached between the ages of 12 and 14. Some children may not have lost the last of their baby teeth by this age, but this is an uncommon occurrence. 

Children normally only have 20 teeth once their baby teeth have all come through, as their mouths are not yet large enough to accommodate all the teeth they will need as they become adults. On average, they will start getting these at the age of six months, with the first of their adult teeth starting to appear when they are between the ages of five and seven.

How many teeth do adults have on top?

how many teeth do adults have

Most people have an equal number of teeth on the top and bottom rows of their teeth. As such, most adults will have 16 teeth on the top half of their jaw.

How many canine teeth do adults have?

Both adults and children have the same number of adult teeth, as these are the sharp, pointy teeth found next to your top and bottom incisors. As you have one on either side of both sets of incisors, you will usually have four canine teeth.

How many bottom teeth do adults have?

If a person does not suffer an injury or contract a disease which results in them losing one or more teeth, an adult will most commonly have the same number of teeth on the bottom half of their jaw as the top. This means that they will have 16 teeth on the bottom row as well as on the top row.

How many molar teeth do adults have?

When your teeth first come in, and throughout the first years of your life, you will have eight molars. However, this changes when your third row of molars ‒  commonly called wisdom teeth ‒ come in. This usually happens between the ages of 17 and 21, but can take longer on some occasions.

How many wisdom teeth do adults have?

how many teeth do adults have

When your wisdom teeth come through, there should be four. These make up the final row of teeth in your mouth, located right at the back of your jaw.

Sometimes, our wisdom teeth do not come through properly. This can be because they aren’t growing in straight, there isn’t enough room in a person’s mouth for them to come through fully (on both of these occasions, they are known as impacted wisdom teeth) or because they are simply not growing in at all. When this happens it can be very painful, and your mouth can even become infected if nothing is done to treat the issue. 

If you have an unidentified pain in the back of your mouth and you are in your late teens or early twenties, it is highly likely that it is your wisdom teeth causing the problem. On rare occasions, they can also cause a person problems in later life as well. 

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How many permanent teeth do adults have?

If a person does not have any accidents or illnesses which cause them to lose teeth from their full set and they do not need their wisdom teeth removed, they will have 32 permanent teeth. If they do need their wisdom teeth removed, this will most likely drop to 28, as it is more usual for all four of a person’s wisdom teeth to need removing at once.

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