There is no need for boring braces if you want to have something more colourful. There are many multicoloured train track braces, rubber bands and even wires to make the process of your dental treatment more exciting. You might consider it a bit of fun in the otherwise fairly slow process of teeth straightening – so it is a good thing to do! There are also some very real benefits.

Dental Braces

By choosing the right colours from a range of vibrant, fun and low-cost rubber bands, train track brackets and wires you can help achieve the following:

  • Psychological boost: Many people feel a psychological impact comes from getting braces, as the train tracks that hold the wire within the brace system can be quite visible – especially when smiling. However, with many multicoloured braces options, you can choose to either mask their appearance or actively embrace the change and build confidence.
  • Better hygiene: The small elastic bands in both train tracks of both metal and ceramic braces can easily become sources of poor hygiene. Some colours can make it easier to see a build-up of dirt while cleaning your teeth or braces, which will be of benefit to the overall health of your teeth. 
  • Match the colour of your teeth and skin tone: Certain colours can help make your teeth look whiter, such as a light blue colour. You can also complement your natural skin tone with your braces colours, similar to when using make-up. There are colour options suitable for all skin tones.

The colour of your braces will not affect the way that your teeth move into straight positions during your treatment. 

It is understandable to be slightly trepidatious about any type of fixed braces treatment, which is why we specialise in treating nervous patients. Our team provides a range of dental treatments in the Brighton and Hove area at our fully-equipped clinic.

We offer a selection of braces colours as part of our teeth straightening treatments, so we know all about the benefits of using different colours and the things to think about when choosing them. You will see our brilliant team in action when you get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

A Handy Guide to the Best Braces Colours

The potential for putting your stamp on things is very much within your grasp, you will only have braces once – so why not! We realise that you might have a favourite colour dead set in your mind already, but there are lots of different things you may not have thought of that might influence your decision. 

The following are some simple and effective tips for choosing the best braces colours for your needs:

  • If in doubt, go with your favourite: You probably have a colour that suits you, or is just a personal choice, but if you have a colour that is tried and true it is a good first option. Think of your favourite, not other people’s – after all you are the one who will be seeing the colours the most!
  • Think of a sports team: Got a soft spot for a particular team, or maybe you are a die-hard fan? Perhaps you have a school or university colour scheme you could adopt to show your support? Sports teams are a great inspiration when choosing any type of colour scheme, so why not in your braces too.
  • Match your eyes: Simply choosing a colour that matches your eyes can help to blend the appearance of your braces into your face. Mimicking your eyes or skin creates continuity, the same way a well-chosen pair of glasses can be almost invisible on the wearer until they reach to take them off.
  • Try neutral tones: Neutral tones blend in well, so they are great if you want your braces to be camouflaged. Black, white or grey, all are good options for blending in your braces if you want to minimise how obvious your braces are to others. Remember to choose duller tones, not too bright.
  • Use dark colours for discoloured teeth: Most people have a little bit of discolouration on at least one tooth, and if it is quite bad then getting braces can make this even more of a problem. However, you can offset this effectively with dark brace colours, which reduces the contrast.

You will find a huge amount of variation, so there is something for all tastes. If you opt for red, green or brown when customising your braces colours, just remember you should include them as part of a multicoloured design… 

Why? Well, brown and green braces colours look a bit like spinach, steak or some other food that has been left in your mouth. And red brace colours might make it look like you are even bleeding from the teeth! So, probably best to avoid.

Then again – you can have fun with it. If you have a Halloween party coming up, then complementing your costume with vampire-red rubber bands on your braces could be just the ticket.

Can I Choose My Own Braces Colours If I am Having NHS Treatment?

In the UK, NHS Orthodontic treatments are available for young people who have a health need, which may be for braces or other treatments. You can expect a similar level of colour selection for your bands and train tracks. However, the range of customisation may not be as large as when in a private treatment setting. Rubber bands are particularly cheap to replace – so it is entirely possible to buy your own if specific braces colours are desired.

Your Braces Colours Can Make Treatment Fun and Help It Go By Faster

Whether you are an adult looking to camouflage their braces treatments as much as possible with clear ceramic train tracks and bands, or a young person looking to express themselves with vibrant multicoloured designs – braces colours make the process more interesting. This can help the time go by more quickly.

If you are undertaking a significant treatment, such as when getting braces, it is natural to be slightly nervous – but you can find specialist services for adults and children at our leading dental practice. Please feel free to get in touch with us to book a dental appointment at our Brighton and Hove-based clinic today.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some commonly asked questions and further information about braces colours and the services we provide:

What is the Best Colour for Braces?

There is no single ‘best’ colour for your braces. If you have a favourite colour then perhaps you can choose that one, but it is purely a matter of personal taste. You can use the tips above to find some inspiration on selecting your new braces colours – but the colours you pick will not affect the straightening of your teeth.

What Colour Braces Can Make Teeth Look Whiter?

Dark blacks, blues and purples are a good option for people who want to make sure their braces do not make it look like their teeth are discoloured. You can choose both rubber bands and train tracks that feature these colours or perhaps use a mixture of both to help. Tooth coloured train tracks are also available, which quite subtly blend into the teeth – as do ceramic braces – so these are another option.

Are There Any Colours Not to Get for Braces?

If you choose a very bright white colour for your braces you might have an issue with the contrast to the look of your natural teeth. Most people have slightly off-white teeth and even some yellowing, which is usually perfectly natural and healthy – but when overlaid with a bright, white synthetic rubber band or train track, it can make them look much worse. Bright colours can be ideal for some, but white will make most people’s teeth and braces look worse.

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